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Physical exams are at the center of any good, annual healthcare routine. In a routine physical, doctors spend time listening to your concerns, assessing your history, and carefully examining your body using research-supported strategies to test for the onset of any adverse conditions. At Concierge Medicine of Columbus, annual physical exams are offered to all patients and their immediate family members free of any additional charges outside of the annual fee of $2,000 per individual or $3,500 per couple. Conducted by our board-certified doctors, Dr. Linda Jill Moore and Dr. Ronald Hudson, these exams are offered for Columbus, GA residents, as well as for residents of Montgomery, Birmingham, Macon, and the surrounding region.


Routine physicals consist of many components to allow your doctor to get a full picture of your health. First, Dr. Moore or Dr. Hudson will review your medical history and ask you extensive questions about any current aches, pains, or concerns. They will look over your general appearance, conduct reflex tests, and check your cognitive function. Then, they will conduct a series of tests, including examinations of heart health, lymph nodes, blood pressure, the abdominal region, and neurological function. The assessment portion may also include examination for lumps throughout the body, including the breasts or the testes. In men over 40, a prostate exam is also recommended.

Why Are Physical Exams Important?

Most of us typically only visit the doctor when we've got a fever or a cold, an injury, or a worrying persistent symptom. But regular physical exams are crucial to maintaining optimal physical health and overall wellbeing. Even if we are seemingly in good health, our bodies are constantly changing, and a regular physical exam is how Dr. Hudson or Dr. Moore checks the current state of their patient's body. This is especially important in the detection of health issues to provide early treatment before they become serious problems. A physical exam includes a variety of tests and screenings to check blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, cancer, and more. Patients can also review current medications and get any immunizations or vaccinations they may need. If anything, physical exams are important to provide that feeling of relief knowing you are healthy or have identified a health issue so you can develop a treatment plan.

Physical Exam FAQ

How often do you need to get a physical exam?

At Concierge Medicine of Columbus, Dr. Jill and Dr. Hudson usually advise their patients without any preexisting health conditions or chronic disease to have a physical at least once a year. By having a regular annual physical exam, your doctor can monitor your health for changes, set health goals, and identify any possible issues before they become serious problems.

What are the most common reasons to have a physical exam?

The most common reasons to have a physical exam include:

  • Prevention of disease
  • Establishing annual health goals
  • Discussing health concerns and symptoms
  • Updating vaccines
  • Maintaining doctor-patient relationship
  • Physicals for work or state certifications
  • Physicals for school
  • Physicals for sports

Is blood always drawn for a physical exam?

Drawing blood for routine laboratory testing is a crucial part of an annual physical exam. The tests typically done include a blood count, thyroid panel, and a complete metabolic panel which tests your glucose levels, cholesterol, and other important indicators.


At Concierge Medicine of Columbus, we are proud to offer annual physical exams to meet the needs of families in our community. If you have any questions about our concierge exam process or other services, please don't hesitate to reach out. As the first and only concierge healthcare service in Columbus, GA, we provide unparalleled access and a personal relationship with your family doctor that you can enjoy for years to come. Reach out by phone or email today to schedule an appointment, and find out how we can help your family thrive!

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