What Breathing Conditions Are Diagnosed with A Spirometry Test?

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Difficulty breathing can be an alarming situation that requires immediate medical attention. At Concierge Medicine of Columbus, our team of highly trained doctors provides tests and treatments to address acute and chronic breathing conditions so our patients can continue living fuller and functional lives in Columbus, GA. One test that is commonly used by our team to address pulmonary issues is called the spirometry test.

What is a spirometry test?

A spirometry test is an in-office pulmonary assessment used to diagnose medical conditions that affect breathing and monitor ongoing symptoms of chronic breathing illnesses. A spirometry test uses advanced medical devices and techniques to examine the strength and function of the lungs. Results of a spirometry test can detect lung abnormalities that may lead to a pulmonary diagnosis so that patients can proceed with the right medical treatment.

How is a spirometry test performed?

A spirometry test is a single-day examination procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office. The patient breathes into a tube that is attached to a machine called a spirometer. The test administrator offers specific instructions for the patient to follow to provide accurate test results. The test is typically performed while the patient is in a sitting position, and a nasal clip is placed on the nose to seal the nostrils. The patient inhales and exhales through the tube several times (usually up to three times). Unless retakes are necessary, the procedure usually takes under 15 minutes to complete.

What conditions can be diagnosed using a spirometry test?

A spirometry test is recommended by doctors who suspect that their patient has a breathing condition. Examples include:

  • Asthma

  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

  • Pulmonary fibrosis

  • Emphysema

  • Bronchitis

A spirometry test can be used to diagnose a new medical condition, or it can be used multiple times to monitor and assess breathing patterns of someone living with a chronic breathing illness. Repetitive testing helps doctors determine if treatments are working or if breathing interventions and medications need to be modified.

Who can perform a spirometry test?

A spirometry test can be performed by a board-certified physician in a general practitioner’s office. Other licensed health professionals, including pulmonary specialists and nurses, can also perform the test.

Is spirometry testing covered by insurance?

All pulmonary testing that is considered medically necessary by the performing practitioner, including a spirometry test, is usually covered by insurance. Patients are encouraged to review their insurance policies and contact their insurance providers with any questions or concerns regarding healthcare coverage in Columbus or Macon, GA, or Montgomery or Birmingham, AL.

Does a spirometry test hurt?

A spirometry test does not usually cause pain. However, breathing repetitively into a tube with a nasal clip can be uncomfortable or overwhelming for some patients. Our team works carefully with each patient to make sure that the test is performed accurately while keeping them as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

How to begin to obtain a spirometry test consultation

If you are currently living with a chronic medical condition that impacts your ability to breathe, or you have some concerns about new breathing symptoms, contact our team at Concierge Medicine of Columbus to schedule an appointment with our doctors today. Our practice is the first and only concierge practice available in Columbus, GA. Talk to our team today to inquire more about spirometry testing.

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