Five Areas of the Body Examined With an Ultrasound Scan

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Health is an umbrella term encompassing various body systems and how efficiently they function. Not only on their own, since none work on a completely individual basis, but also together. This synergy yields total wellness, and at Concierge Medicine of Columbus, our experienced physicians are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain it. One way we can do that is with an ultrasound scan, or sonogram, which can examine almost any area of the body to detect, diagnose, and help prevent problems.

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Ultrasound scans offer diagnostic services and preventive care

Consistent diagnostic and preventive care is vitally important. And thanks to medical science, ultrasound technology offers a relatively simple, quick, easy, and noninvasive way to gain a highly detailed view of the body's biological machinery. Using high-frequency sound waves, we can create a clear image of the body's hidden compartments and components. And by scheduling regular check-ups, you can be proactive about your future and potentially prevent all sorts of ailments.

Five areas of the body that can benefit from an ultrasound scan (sonogram)

Abdomen: One of the primary uses of ultrasounds at Concierge Medicine of Columbus is to evaluate a pregnancy. Via a sonogram, we can check the baby's overall health while tracking growth and development throughout.

Musculoskeletal system as a whole: This technology is also wonderfully versatile and can assess a wide variety of body regions, parts, tissues, and even the internal goings-on of organs. The ability to gain a clear overview plays to the synergistic nature of the musculoskeletal system, whose optimal functioning relies on the integrity of its components (muscles and bones) and their ability to function in concert. If there's an injury or problem somewhere in the musculoskeletal chain, an ultrasound can help find it.

Gastrointestinal tract: Ultrasound's versatility allows it to be used externally or internally within the body. This brings up another potential use for this indispensable technology: to examine the structures and activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Digestive problems and other complications originating here can have dramatic, systemic effects. Fortunately, ultrasound can give doctors a comprehensive look at what's happening.

Heart: Using an ultrasound to assess the state of the heart, called an echocardiogram, is an efficient way to diagnose any potential problems in this vital organ. Doctors can gauge any damage caused by a cardiac event, and the total function and structure of the heart's valves and other features.

Organs: An ultrasound, or sonogram, can monitor the activity of various organs, including the lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas, reproductive organs, and others. We can see the physiology of the organs, blood flow, and other essential aspects to identify any issues or abnormalities and hopefully prevent future complications.

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Whether you're expecting a bundle of joy, experiencing musculoskeletal ailments, or suffering some other pain or discomfort, ultrasound provides an invaluable aid. Its noninvasive nature, and the gentle action of sound waves, means that you'll experience virtually no pain. And it's fast, requiring only about half an hour, with no downtime afterward.

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