Can Shockwave Therapy Improve My Sexual Health?

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At Concierge Medicine of Columbus, our team of highly trained doctors is dedicated to your total well-being. And an essential aspect of that depends on sexual wellness and the ability to enjoy satisfying intimate relationships. We understand that many men may feel uncomfortable discussing such matters, but they really shouldn’t be. This is what we do, and we’d love nothing more than to help you fully enjoy your life.

So, if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, intimacy issues, or other sexual complications, please reach out to us today. We also warmly welcome residents of Columbus or Macon, GA, and Montgomery or Birmingham, AL to pay us a visit at our practice.

Shockwave therapy via the Alma Duo™ is a revolutionary technique to quickly, safely, and effectively boost your sexual health

Alma Duo works via low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy, which is a fancier way of saying that it delivers quickly pulsing waves of alternating pressure. These create the “shocks” referred to in the term “shockwave” – so don’t worry, there’s nothing actually shocking or damaging about this treatment. Think of it as a pumped-up, more potent version of ultrasound therapy. It also utilizes a patented electrohydraulic applicator that, unlike competing technologies, reaches deeper into the penile tissues and treats the hard-to-access cavernous compartments that trap blood and make a firm, consistent erection possible.

Our state-of-the-art techniques improve blood flow, reverse pathological changes, and stimulate cell regrowth

There are many potential benefits. The primary mode of action is neovascularization and angiogenesis: the growth of new networks of blood vessels to supply the tissues with nutrient-rich blood, full of oxygen, proteins, growth factors, and other biological goodies that promote overall health and vitality. This renewed, nourishing influx can also assist in reversing the negative pathological changes that occur due to aging, muscular damage, obesity, or various other detrimental factors that may not always be under our control.

The pressure from the waves also exerts direct mechanical stress, but not enough to cause harm. In fact, just the opposite: one medicinal cornerstone relies on the fact that small amounts of otherwise damaging agents can produce a desired, beneficial effect. And it’s the same with the physical stress of the shockwaves, which stimulates your body’s all-natural, effective healing response. The result is increased functionality and sensation, helping you enjoy better sexual performance and also derive more pleasure – great for you and your loved one, who will most likely notice a dramatic difference as well.

Contact us today for a more fulfilling sex life and a greater sense of intimacy

Please don’t hesitate if you’re suffering from any sexual or intimacy issues, such as erectile dysfunction or any other complications. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed, as we’re devoted to your complete well-being.

So, for a quick, simple, noninvasive treatment that can be performed during your lunch break, contact our experienced, expert doctors at Concierge Medicine of Columbus. Or, for those living in the Columbus or Macon, GA, or Montgomery or Birmingham, AL areas, pay us an in-person visit at our office in Columbus, GA.

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