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How Can In-office Lab Tests Help Prevent Illnesses?

Our Team | 02/17/2023

With comprehensive lab tests, you can better understand your risk factors for certain diseases and potentially even prevent illness before it begins.


What Health Concerns Can be Revealed During a Physical Exam?

Our Team | 01/14/2023

A routine physical examination can reveal many health concerns, including diseases, chronic conditions, and functional issues.


How Can the Hormones Change After a Hysterectomy?

Our Team | 12/16/2022

A hysterectomy may change hormone output, leading to imbalance and numerous adverse effects like mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and weight gain.


Can a Spirometry Test Identify Asthma?

Our Team | 11/18/2022

A spirometry test is a quick, noninvasive, and virtually pain-free way to detect asthma and other pulmonary conditions.


Should I Still Get the COVID-19 Vaccine if I Already Had COVID?

Our Team | 10/28/2022

Even individuals who have already had COVID can benefit from getting a COVID-19 vaccine.


Could Age be the Cause of My Erectile Dysfunction?

Our Team | 09/24/2022

Age alone does not cause erectile dysfunction (ED), but the aging process can increase other risk factors.


What Will a Normal EKG Look Like?

Our Team | 08/14/2022

Learn about undergoing an EKG for the heart, and what the normal results of an electrocardiogram look like or if there is a problem.


A Physical Exam is a Great Way to Achieve Annual Health Goals

Our Team | 07/14/2022

Learn why it's important to schedule an annual health exam to catch problems early and address any medical concerns.


What Are the Early Signs of Imbalanced Hormones?

Our Team | 06/17/2022

Recognizing the early signs of imbalanced hormones and getting the proper treatment can improve your overall health.


What's the Difference Between X-Rays and Ultrasounds?

Our Team | 05/19/2022

X-rays utilize the energy of light while ultrasounds harness the power of sound to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic care.


Defend Your Body Against Disease With Vaccinations

Our Team | 04/16/2022

We’re excited to offer a wide range of vaccinations to defend against an extensive spectrum of diseases.


What Emotional Conditions Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

Our Team | 03/14/2022

Emotional conditions, such as stress and anxiety, can trigger or worsen erectile dysfunction (ED). Seeking help can restore your sexual health.


Five Areas of the Body Examined With an Ultrasound Scan

Our Team | 02/17/2022

An ultrasound scan can examine multiple areas of the body to help track pregnancies, diagnose medical conditions, and enable preventive care.


How Can Physical Exams Prevent Disease?

Our Team | 01/15/2022

Physical exams can prevent disease by examining various bodily functions to see that they’re working correctly and that no issues are developing.


Can Shockwave Therapy Improve My Sexual Health?

Our Team | 12/10/2021

Shockwave therapy can improve your sexual health by increasing circulation, stimulating healing, and triggering cellular and blood vessel growth.


What Breathing Conditions Are Diagnosed with A Spirometry Test?

Our Team | 11/11/2021

At Concierge Medicine of Columbus, we perform spirometry tests for patients with breathing concerns and chronic breathing illnesses.


Six FAQ About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Our Team | 10/19/2021

Your concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine are understandable, which is why we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Discover The Advantages of Our In-House Lab

Our Team | 09/15/2021

Our team is proud to provide in-house lab testing to save you time and resources. Learn which services our clinic provides with an appointment today.


What Does an EKG Reveal About the Heart?

Our Team | 08/28/2021

Electrocardiograms are diagnostic tools that detect potential problems with your heart. Learn what an EKG test reveals about your heart health here.


When is the Best Time to See A Family Doctor?

Our Team | 07/20/2021

When should you get a routine exam from a family doctor? Learn how our concierge practice meets your family's many health care needs in Columbus.


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